Ron L Brooks

Ron Brooks is an international speaker with the John Maxwell Team. He is also an entrepreneur, life coach, motivational speaker and youth developer. He is the founder/CEO for Team Attitude, a nonprofit organization. Ron was born in Mobile, Alabama. At the age of eight, his mother moved him and his siblings to Washington to escape an abusive relationship. Ron lived an underprivileged life growing up. He’s been surrounded with a great family and the best of friends.

After high school, Ron became a member of the group Sir Mix-a-Lot, a multi-platinum Grammy award winner. At the age of eighteen, Ron had the chance of his life to travel around the world. He performed with many popular artists such as LL cool J, Will Smith, Shelia E, Run-DMC, and many, many more. After a couple decades of video shoots, concerts, and travelling, Ron returned back to Washington State. In 2012, Ron received a degree in human services.

He spent 3 years volunteering at the Orion Youth Center during that time. Helping the youth restore hope into their lives has become his passion. Ron is highly involved in the community. Many lessons were taught to him in his early years. He understands the importance of being kind to others. He stands firm in the belief that, you need to protect your “JOY” by all means. His focus is helping others find “JOY” in their lives. Ron knows and understands what it feels like living with no joy.

Ron L Brooks in association with Team Attitude 2020