Our Youth

I Apologize

I have spent the last decade mentoring, coaching, volunteering and advocating for the well being of our youth. After years of working closely with teenagers & young adult I found that most of them just feel rejected, and that no one understands them. I have made it a mission to serve as mentor, and someone that will fight to get kids off the streets and get them the resources they need to live a better life.

The only way to make a difference is to be around them let them feel your love. They all come from many different walks of life. The reality is today’s kids are struggling with so many issues. That’s way I choose to teach a few curriculums that would address life skills.

1) Stand up and be counted

We cover the issues of bullying and it strong effect


2) Positive self-image- How you see yourself will determine your future


3) Personal Character- It’s a foundation for life, becomes a matter of choices we all have to make.

4) Wins & loses- enjoy your wins, and learn from your loses.

5) Finish your dream- think about it, talk about it, and bring it to life

These curriculum are offers to groups/individuals. We have made a strong impact with the schools we are currently teaching these curriculums. Our youth need us, so let’s get involved and make a difference.

Ron L Brooks in association with Team Attitude 2020