Ron L Brooks

As a motivational speaker Ron has been telling his journey for years. He brings a unique style that allows him to connect with his audience. Ron shares his accomplishments, and life lesson he learn on his journey. He will install in you an effective way to find joy when you are in a mist of a storm. Together we work down path the that is laid out for you.

Giving up is not an option.

Ron Brooks is a polished professional keynote speaker. With his high energy, and strong desire to connect with others, he’ll pull you in from the beginning to the end. He makes it easy to relate by sharing so many learning experiences he faced.

You will be left with a new sense of motivation, and a restoration of joy in your life. Your life will be filled with hope as you continue on your journey in life.

I offer the following professional services. Please Feel free to enter your information on the following contact page.

* Keynote speaker
* Leadership workshops
* Masterminds groups
* Individual counseling 30-60 mins sessions
* Group sessions
* Life skills building
* Family bonding
* Virtual meetings available
* Ordain Ministry Weddings & Funerals services

Ron L Brooks in association with Team Attitude 2020