Janice Howard

I have Known Ron Brooks for over twenty five years and it is with immense honor and appreciation to share a few words that comes to mind when I hear his name.

Man of God – Devoted Father – Dedicated Friend – Mentor – Excellent Communicator

I have seen him grow throughout the years and you have been an inspiration to many. I continue to be proud to call him my family and friend. 

Genal Doyal

I met Ron Brooks in 2011 while working for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Ron always has a smile on his face and everyone at Children’s loved him for his kindness. Ron has always displayed a high degree of compassion, integrity & ambition. He gives great advice and anyone who comes in contact with him always walks away feeling better. Ron has a way of lifting your spirits. He’s a great role model for our youth which is needed during these difficult times.

Xola Malik aka Kid Sensation

Ron Attitude Ajuster Brooks is a multi talented personal friend for three decades. He was a group member and integral part of my journey as a recording artist and man. Over the years he has become a prolific writer, artist, speaker and youth advocate. His faith and gifts have added value to careers and lives of many people including mine.

Funky Ko

Ron is always a such bright light that shines brighter than most with such a positive outlook on life. Im always left with a smile on my face no matter how long or short the convo goes. I always look forward to reading what he’s posting next and I am proud to call him my friend.

Ron L Brooks in association with Team Attitude 2020